December 31st, 2008

The Book Actually Arrived

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I was looking at my posts and suddenly noticed that i did not mention the book. it arrived at premier day, or rather a letter saying “we did not have the port code so we cold not deliver the packets to you. if you want it call us.” i ended up at a ups warehouse somewhere outside Stockholm 3 ours before premier. it looked very nice, and a was happy that it actually arrived. As it turns out it explains and works very well as a compliment to the performance.

i used a company called MyPhotobook, and i will use them again,they were quite expensive but we got good quality, i will continue the hunt for the perfect print book on demand company, but for now, this seams like a good way for verry small print runs…. ehhh like 2-15 ex. or something similar.

if you are interested in buying one write me a mail, the price is 400skr + shipping.


December 19th, 2008

We are on Again.

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Its now official
Typography Now will be on at weld again 29 and 30 of January 2009


December 16th, 2008

Thanks Everyone !

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Staffan in front of Sinusoid x/y graph

Thanks everyone fore all the grate response.
We had 2 good evenings, booth were superbly fun. Staffan were in top shape and his performance was superb, dissipate the fact that he had to go up at 5 in the same morning. The computers did work and showed the right images, and maid all the right sounds when the knobs was pushed and twisted. And i did not fuck up ether. and as i sad the audience was terrific.

I was to stressed and had to much to do to take any pictures, but we got some video footage, i will try to get a short video up her. if you got any good pictures pleas send them to me, i would be happy.

I do not consider the music to relay be ready for a “record” but quite many people was interested so i consider to release it “as is” for download here on the site.

I will end this post with some thanks here and i know, this is not all that deserves thanks, but i think its better start tanking than tinkling of everything.

Leif Elggren, Sannah and Anna at Weld, E.G Lewis, Björn och Christina at ccap, Sanna Söderholm at home, Jens Sethzman and Mejan Labs.


December 15th, 2008


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Sorry for the delay, But here it is the font.

Download: Genius

Genius Look like this ( click on it to get a bigger image )

just drop the 2 ttf files it in your font folder,
It will work on PC and mac, if I done every thing right.
i will get back with more info.


December 12th, 2008

Premier Day

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My god, did i run in to trubbel.
Not relay artistic ones, more kind of technical. so i was close to cancel yesterday. i just could not load the projections when i wanted. it took 7 minutes between Scenes…. and the contact between computers was lost now and then. But i solved it yestoday around 16:30…. I will go in to details in the “post mortem” post, but today i will just list some things I´ve done sins last post. and thats a lot. ( i think :)

> New Music to LEDTracing, and 2 new treats of “film”
> New Sin music and film or grapics..
> A track unofficially calld Uppercut.
> A lot of work in Quarts composer, basically for everything.
> Masted all music tracks.
> And setting upp vdmx on 3 computers.

Now i will try to make a last short thing which is supposed to go in between Sine and “uppercut”
Hope i se you tonight. and that it will be fun.

Ops Almost forgot.
We are on at around nine, but the event strarts at seven

More Oops.
The book has not arrived yet.


December 12th, 2008

The flyer for the event

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December 2nd, 2008

Typographic Stress Now

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As you all now, time bends when you approaching deadline…
and right now the time has starting to behave like a curld “brane” in quantum physics. So posting here is not prior one. i will do a wrap up a sort of Post Mortem on this project after the show. with a lot of interesting stuff. and of course the font genius for download.

But here are some status:

The book is at the printer, we will make only 2 this time, its not relay finished, so i consider this a beta verson, and i hope we can print it later.

the projections is developing fine, but the lighting is not going so well now… i do not know how i will solve that.

The music, i am not finished with anytrack, but all tracks feels good (right now)

thats it for now, now h have to continu working with the track “Uppercut”