March 6th, 2009

More Videos

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I got  a bit of vimeo feber and could not resisting upload another one.
so here it is, The Sinusoid Glide projection.

i must say the quality on videos on internet has increased dramatically last moths, This somewhat critical peas looks quite ok if you go fullscreen HD And No Scaling .

I love the simple yet amazingly graphs generated by a XY oscilloscope and some sine oscillators, its absolutely nothing new. you may even say its close to a cliché. i think its passed that stage and are more of one of the classical canvas you got to your disposal.

The track in it self has some “dogmatic rules” i decided i would use 4 sine oscillators in etch channel ( 4 right and 4 left ) and they would sound all the time from beginning to end, no amp envelopes. the pitch is determined by normal midi keyboard and one oscillator on each side (L&R) strives to get there, but the “glide” time is diffrent all the time for every oscillator (depending on up/down and some knob twist while playing)  i also got manual control over de-tuning left and right pair of oscillators. the trak is “performed” looking at the graphs. i did not want to much of “harmonic” images, now afterwards i think a was i little bit wrong there, and could gone mor “Harmonic” but i was afraid to got lost in the graphs and forget the sound…

The patch is made in NI Reaktor 5. ( As well as the oscilloscope) i must say i like Reaktor a lot. It is a very good environment for someone like me, but its way past time for a big upgrade….  come on native, remember where you came from ( i actually once got a licence for Generator )