April 23rd, 2009

Poster Work

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I just made a Poster for a dance peas called PM-1 Pocketmonster, it is a dance peas for children by Choreographer Sanna Söderholm, in that process i had a chance to print out a few 70x100cm posters on Photo paper, i used a service called Frontline poster at a photo Lab , Crimson here in Stockholm, and i think its actually quite cheap, 190kr (aroud €18) each, the quality of the print and the size of the poster makes them quite stunning. Now i want to make more posters!

With TypographyNow we are now bussy with strange papers with stamps and duble copy´s of other  papers, small Passport photos with signatures, and .. ….. …… . … . Basically we are trying to get all papers in order for the Visas to Russia. its fascinating and captivating with bureaucracy.


April 5th, 2009

Easter brake from work

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It´s always nice with X-Ray

A couple of months ago my foot started hurting bad again after many years of slowly improvements, I messed it up in a paragliding comp 2001 and a got a fixated L shaped foot, without the joint. Now sins it started hurting again i been waiting 2 months walking around on my toes and crutches waiting for a short visit to the expert doctor ( orthopaedist ). and him have a look on the xray images and the foot to decide what to do, and as you see you don´t need to be an expert to se that one of the screws is completely off and in its way out in the heel. I was lucky and the doctor thought we have to do something about this quickly so i got a slot for operation in two weeks. and now on Wednesday its time for the big day and a will get rid of the broken and the long screw.


April 5th, 2009


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EMS Studio 1

A new project is ssslowly  taking shape,Micros(ope. I still consider it in a early beta test state. It depends on that it involves so many techniques witch i am not very familiar with. its a “live” project  in surround sound with a lots of  microphones and real time processing. so now i have started exploring the possibilities with the surround setup, i bean working in EMS studio 1 in Stockholm with there weary nice 5.1 Genelec surround system.
i will start posting the development of this project here as well.

If you want to se Typography Now in May it looks like a  good idé to prepear for a trip to St:Petersburg.
we probably going to play there in the middle of may