April 21st, 2011

Continue Recording

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More sessions at ems done, hard to tell you what is my favorite studio there. i guess all we tried are quite okey, very different indeed, and the listing and speakers are different, very different so winch one sounds most “True” i don´t now at all… In studio one you can easily A-B between some Genelecs with sub and some big meyer ones, and i its 2 completely different things, specially spacial, it’s like 2 different rooms.

So, about the work, now i am the one confused and doubting , don’t now where its heeding now, and why and all that kind of things, i am not RELAY worried (yet)  i recognize this phase / period in work processes, but still its very annoying , Mr Eek seams more happy with it now …. I think we have to leave it a bit, and com back to it, put something in between.

We end with some more tec stuff, i have had problems getting the bass sound right, but now its better,(i guess switching bass is also i good ide) I found a AU plugg i relay liked, it doesn’t sound spectacular, no dists or flanger here it just give it a good quality, its called “MarkBass Mark Studio 1″ defensively worth a try if you like a steady bass ( tel me if you got a better tip ) , the same company also make some guitar FX called TH2, i cant say i investigated that one much, just tried it, but i got some sunno esc sound in it. quite fun, but the interface is a drag…


April 15th, 2011

More Audio Work

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More work in the studio, Arrange an re record some bits, pieces falls into place, Eek is somewhat unsure of the material, but i really like it, We now have to give it some more digital and electronic twists and tweeks, and come up with ways to do it in a live situation, Now some technical thoughts, I Considering Abelton Live for the performance, i got a NFR of max for live (Thanks Ableton) an i guess it will be a good tool to get the visuals to sync as well and let it be the controller of everything, (MAX, Reactor, VDMX and the Dmx lights or whatever)

About the image, just look at all beautiful knobbs and stuff this is a Serge system, Maybe not as beautiful as the Buchla, but built more like a tank, A rely a rugged feel ti it, i think it was made in LA mid 70 to mid 80.


April 4th, 2011

A Setup

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Today it was work at Elektronmusikstudion Stockholm, first messing around in the conference room trying to simulate some small spaces we are going to film in, and se what kind of images we can expect to get and which lenses to use, Basically get a feel for it. after lunch we got in to Studio 2, ( studio 2 is actually a 8! channel surround studio quite a few speakers there ),  and made more recordings, we now consider the first recording part finished and now we have to “analyze” the material and arrange or rearrange it… we will see. Anyway right now we both feel quite happy about it.