November 19th, 2009

New sessions at the weld art factory

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we been down at the weld studio a couple of times again, working with the new peas Typography MkII. trying new ideas, and it feels very, very good, now its just a bit of big pile off ideas. this time around it looks like the result will be a film and a performance, but we still out of foundings so we have to wait and se what we ccan afford.. Right now the performance part really longing for 5 god projectors.  i been working with a couple of new music pleases and trying it out at weld, its wery diffrent thow tings work on my Genelec in the studio or in a big “stage” environment. i also starting to learn After Effects, it is realy funny, and tryin to get back to quarts composer, max.


November 19th, 2009

Some Excuses

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i have got quite a lot of emails regarding our work with Typography Now etc. an as i am very bad writer (Dyslectic) and it seams like i am 1 days behind all the time, and lots of work coming in and trying to be a good father as well, phuu :)

all in all.  i been very bad at answering them. i been thinking over all answers i promise, if you did not get an answer, wright again, and as they say  “i try harder”