February 23rd, 2009

YouTube Version

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After some strange aspect ratio problem i finally got The YouTube version up as well. Do not forget to press the HD button to get better quality. And one more thing, The YouTube video is also available on the Iphone, and it looks relay god on the little screen.


February 22nd, 2009

Typo Video

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So here it is, Finally a video from the performance.
i am afraid i don´t relay like this kind of videos of dance performance. They look so dull, i guess its me, i hope it is…
But as i understand it, this kind of videos is essential part of selling a performance for other stages. and that´s what we are doin right now. So here it is a 3m33sec except from the 25 minute peas.

I used vimeo to host the video. If you follow the link HD and go fullscreen its quite nice quality. you have to pay for a “premium” account to do that in an embedded video. i will also try YouTube,[edit: Not now YouTube lost round one] so we all can compeer the quality and result. The filming was dun with 2 Canon HV30. i will also like to thank Fredrik Wåhlstedt for being the camera man.