March 30th, 2011

Today we invaded EMS

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It was nice to be there again, long time sins last sessions down at mynchenbryggeriet, this time staffan was there as well, after some administrational stuff in the morning we got into a good recording session,  and developing of ides, and as usual a big thanks to the boss at ems Mats Lindström.
humm and yes, wee felt like we had to sneaking in the guitars to that studio, i think its blasphemy to bring guitars there. :)


March 28th, 2011


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I had a superb coffee meeting with Anna at ilcafe last week, and she forced us to  come up with some decisions, and as we are reasonable people we did, so now we are glad to announce the premier date for Typography MkII.
The date is first of October.


March 23rd, 2011

Amps, and feeds.

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Here i am, off to the non urban studio
We had a verry good session with Typography Now MkII in the countryside today,
concentrating on the music/sound for it, gutar, bass and Software.


March 9th, 2011

Just when you counted us out

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We  ( Staffan and me ) are making great progress again,
MkII is really taking shape. exactly what shape we can not reveal yet, that would spoil all the fun, for everyone.
On the image above you se Leif Elggren in a super concentrated state, helping us out with some adjustments on the Korrex.