May 20th, 2011

Rec Cut Note

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Quite good progress now, in the prodjekt, lots of recording / composition done, frequently working on EMS, alot more than i update this blog, We now know quit clear where we are going, ( i think ( i hope))
I tried some diffrent synts here and there while doing the recording, no one really seam to cut it, to slick or big  or to boring and so on, so i started to Rewire Record into logic again and as usual, the synt Thor sounds, just TOOO good, if you are into synts try it out, skip the preset,  just mess around with it, i think will try to publish a bunch of patches for Thore to make it more justis than the presets.

OK, Now we have to focus on the typography and the choreography a bit, and push it in to some kind of corner, where it will fit .
And also get ouer film camras (dslrs) out of the bags. last word about the image, its taken with an app for my iphone slitscan, a “classic” technic i messed around with in max many ears ago, but its just so fun, i think i have to mess with it a bit more with some hires camera. ummm


May 5th, 2011

Trackday Mantorp

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The beginning of this week was spent at Mantorp Park, A racing track in Sweden, i was trying out what happens if you put your self on a motorbike, and no speed limits,  i guess a choreographic act in a broad sens. at least in a very fast sens, and you do think about your body in relation to the world aroun you, i recommend it to everybody.