May 19th, 2009

Back from Russia

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The quick visit to old Russia is over, everything worked quite smooth, lots of strange experiences with a country with is not wired exactly as home, to make the hotel woman call for a taxi for the fligt home it took 4 calls out, between that waiting for someone?..  to call back and say something… wherry peculiar and no lighting equipment att all at the stage, just 3 on and off buttons on one side of the stage, No big problem for us, as we use the Projectors to ligt the stage, on the other hand the sound was weary good, nice acoustics in the room, and a nice sound technician.

Here is a QTVR move of the place we performed on.
Use shift and ctrl to zoom (on mac at least)

We actually thought we got the wrong address and made the taxi driver drive us around for a short wile.

The Show went well, people seams to appreciate it here as well, and as a bonus we also got some verry funny comments,  over herd in the audience by Daniel Andersson “–Are they declairing a war against mordern dans?” i did not take any photos of our performance, so if someone has some picture send me some a would appreciate that.

I got Brezhnev´s old rostrum as the control table, perfekt.

and the stage.


May 13th, 2009

Typo St:Petersburg

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just home from a rehearsal of Typography Now, it worked well, like meeting an good old friend you like… humm or something. positive anyway. I had relay big problems getting a space to rehearse in today, and we  needed that badly, i been calling and sms allot of people, not until around eight in the evening when Mats Lindström called me, i though of EMS conferees room, and it was not booked! not a big space but it suited our needs for place to rehears. so tomorrow its of to S:t Petersburg. I realy looking forward to Russia, and once again we lending 3 Epson EMP-821 projectors from ccap. thanks a lot.

On the image above you se the hole “rig” just ad speaker and its show time. I use 2 mac’s both running VDMX (and max) one just as a slave true osc. and the video out is connected to the side projectors. The other one, the 17″mac handles the back projection and the music. i also have to bring a little hub to set up a network to connect the two computer and the lan box together(se earlier posts).
for the sound out i use a motu ultra light, witch is a superb audio interface, i can warmly recommend it.

so where is the party ?

it is : 14th May, “ArktikA” club (Beringa str. 38). i don´t know anything else. but i guess a will tomorrow, if you are interested or happens to live or be in St:Petersburg Have a look at the festivals web.