April 15th, 2010

Mad pixels

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The progress with TypoMkII  this week is not huge, but new good stuff is added and processed and some more recordings is dun, I also found some footage from some projection test i done  down at weld a couple of weeks ago. i made some quarts composer sketches to se how the workout in a big space, and it worked out well, very inspiring.


April 8th, 2010

A quiz and an update

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So what is this ?

The work with typography now MkII is moving along fine. I will pick up the prints from Leif soon, the video footage looks fine, will not start the real editing until later, just messing around a bit with it to get a understanding of the material an how to approach it and the next filming, and the technical problems and so on.  All video is now shot with Canon 7D,  in glorious HD. its really super fun and challenging. but it´s not really an strait forward and easy task to start filming. just the manual focus problem, and the white balance, and… Got to fix a separate backup system for all video footage….

I will start allow comments from now on.


April 2nd, 2010

Fraktur 14p

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Today we had a very productive day at Leif Elggrens print shop, we put together a very nice print, some kind of type Specimen. with very similar method as Bi Sheng used 1040 somwere in China. and later used and re invented by mr Gutenberg around 1450. All this 950 years later,  leadin up to this day… sort of.  and at the same time we also started the filming.