October 30th, 2008

Lets make a …

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As the work with Typography Now is explorative and research based, we don´t always know what directions things will take us, and some things just don´t fit or is impossible to do on a stage, so we decided Typography Now needs a book accompanying the performance.

In the work with a thing we now call “LED Mordern”. we have made long time exposure of the choreography which turned out to some sort of a poor mans motion capture in the dark.

The resulting images were both very nice and also revels interesting aspects of both the choreography an and the human craft, with is impossible to achieve in any other way, so we ended up with lots of superb work witch will go in to the book.

We will also present the font and the methods we used to make the font “Genius” and and of course show people the FontPosters we now are receiving from the true genius graphic artists we sent the font to some weeks ago.


October 20th, 2008

Sinusoid glide

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With all lights blinking i forgot to mention the work with one track sinusoid has bean developing very well,
baset only on 8 sinus oscilators shifting frequenzys. thats it…
That´s the rule. Callingching and fun.


October 20th, 2008

DMX, Go Go Go

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…. 3 or 5 pins XLR how hard can it be to just make one standard ?

I got a nasty cold last Thursday so i have not been abel to do any real work for a few days, hardly get up of bed. But somehow it made me finally have a real go with something the LanBox, i borrowed it a long time ago (thanks Jens.). The LanBox make it possible to control light equipment direct from the computer, its not flawless, but its up and running and definitely very inspiring and fun. i have a small 4ch dmx dimmer and two rgb led par cans (i think its called), so i can try out things a bit, so i guest the neighbours thought i had a party instead of a bad, cold.


October 11th, 2008

Theories and Practice

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We been locked in for in 2 weeks in our own theory think tank isolation camp (ttic), and we came out alive.

and now we have our next pathway set up, we have collected so many ideas during this process, many bad, quite a few good ones and some superb ones, now we come to a point were we have to close down a lot of options and continue with the one… we trust, and will take us all the way. and as i say now i think we have it. A new set of rules we have to liv with.

For the more practical part stands stage tests with florescent light, I have not worked with lighting stages at all, so i really have to do reality checks with all the ides i have, witch is not as easy as it seams, and without any budget its really difficult. i found a florescent system i would kill for 8st SpectraConnecT5, at least if what i read and herd about them is right… but as i said without budget we cant just go out and rent them. i don´t relay complain it is mote that i dont know how to solve the lighting right now…

We also have made a NEW terrific set of images of ” Modern Led” with came out really nice.