November 25th, 2008

Its not that noting is happening.

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Playing with Quartz Composer

Slow updating here but I been working hard.. with a lot of things..
as they say… One big thing has been the structure of the hole T.N., it has not settled, but i think it will very soon, and also a lot o work gone in to the book, it´s only 2 spreads left to finish… So i hope i can send it away tomorrow, otherwise i don´t know if it will be ready to the premier. gulp..
Tonight i will work at weld and test some projection ides, i borrowed another projector of CCAP and will test that one as well .

I think i found the software to handel the projections, it is called VDMX, it seams to be just what we need, i will report on that when i know fore sure. i also been playing/working a lot with Quartz Composer, its a ” node-based visual programming language” or in other words a program to generate realtime graphics. fun and mind boggling.


November 11th, 2008

Monday is welding day

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Worked in the office area of weld the hole day with the book and projections. in the evening, after helping Spången and Anna to rearrange and clean the space from scenography and junk, we got down to business.

To my surprise (for my part) we where terrific! things are suddenly falling in to place, staffan continued to develop things, this time  “Modern” and i played sounds and made projections… and things made sense.

I also now got a reality check on prices for renting projectors with a little more “Hupf” in, from 9000Skr for 5000 ANSI to 35000skr 15000 ANSI for 3 days !!!! So extremely expensive, i was surprised or maybe chocked, com on, its no rocket science, and its 2008. i guess i will use a couple of consumer projectors instead.


November 5th, 2008

Welding again

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Back on the floor in the studio at weld again.
Staffan developing or re interpreting “Genius-man” back into time and space, it looks, an is very good.i think we both are very happy with the development of the “choreography” part right now.
The music is also developing in a good way, last night a new version of the reactor patch for Sinusoid glide and where ready, so god development there, on the other end, The work with lighting and the room has come to a full stop… Right now i do not know what to do, relay, so many directions, and nowhere to go. Hummm…. As you all know, his is a typical step in a typical creative process, so i am not relay worried, just very very very frustrated. Right now i just want a BIG strong projector, pleas someone send me one !