August 30th, 2010

Don’t lose hope

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No progress or progress, where are we ?
Typography MkII is slow right now, weary slow, i been working with some music lately for other projects and fixing a house, (where the new studio will be), but not anything i can post on tis site relay, but now summer is over here and things will be dun.

The image is from a series of pictures i took yesterday of a dance performance called pöbel by my girlfriend Sanna.


April 15th, 2010

Mad pixels

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The progress with TypoMkII  this week is not huge, but new good stuff is added and processed and some more recordings is dun, I also found some footage from some projection test i done  down at weld a couple of weeks ago. i made some quarts composer sketches to se how the workout in a big space, and it worked out well, very inspiring.


April 8th, 2010

A quiz and an update

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So what is this ?

The work with typography now MkII is moving along fine. I will pick up the prints from Leif soon, the video footage looks fine, will not start the real editing until later, just messing around a bit with it to get a understanding of the material an how to approach it and the next filming, and the technical problems and so on.  All video is now shot with Canon 7D,  in glorious HD. its really super fun and challenging. but it´s not really an strait forward and easy task to start filming. just the manual focus problem, and the white balance, and… Got to fix a separate backup system for all video footage….

I will start allow comments from now on.


April 2nd, 2010

Fraktur 14p

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Today we had a very productive day at Leif Elggrens print shop, we put together a very nice print, some kind of type Specimen. with very similar method as Bi Sheng used 1040 somwere in China. and later used and re invented by mr Gutenberg around 1450. All this 950 years later,  leadin up to this day… sort of.  and at the same time we also started the filming.


March 19th, 2010

Typoography Now MkII

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This date was the Start of this project.
Due to circumstances outside this project it paused.


November 19th, 2009

New sessions at the weld art factory

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we been down at the weld studio a couple of times again, working with the new peas Typography MkII. trying new ideas, and it feels very, very good, now its just a bit of big pile off ideas. this time around it looks like the result will be a film and a performance, but we still out of foundings so we have to wait and se what we ccan afford.. Right now the performance part really longing for 5 god projectors.  i been working with a couple of new music pleases and trying it out at weld, its wery diffrent thow tings work on my Genelec in the studio or in a big “stage” environment. i also starting to learn After Effects, it is realy funny, and tryin to get back to quarts composer, max.


November 19th, 2009

Some Excuses

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i have got quite a lot of emails regarding our work with Typography Now etc. an as i am very bad writer (Dyslectic) and it seams like i am 1 days behind all the time, and lots of work coming in and trying to be a good father as well, phuu :)

all in all.  i been very bad at answering them. i been thinking over all answers i promise, if you did not get an answer, wright again, and as they say  “i try harder”


September 29th, 2009

Led ink and time

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Research is in Progress, Pre DTP revolution. Pre emigre and N.Brodys FUSE. Pre mac. its not long ago a typface was werry werry heavy and hard and slow to handel. Where you could run out of a letter and you got your hands dirty to get something done.

This is no new Logitech device


September 9th, 2009

Propellerheads Record

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The SSL “inspired” mixer In Record

Today Propellerheads released there new DAV Software, Usualy i don´t write about non art related projects here i think tis is a good exeption sins this is software that you make music with. and i I been deeply involved in the GUI of record. The sequencer has been the most interesting and also the biggest challenge for me in this project, to make something very complicated look and feel extremely simple and obvious, not an easy task.

The Line6 pods in Record

Something that went surprisingly easy was the making of the 2 line6 devices in record, not in the actual making witch was the same as usual but that line6 accepted my first design proposal and without any real chances! Perfect. I never tout that would happen, special as i think line6 software design looks quite bad. (sorry line6)


A project like Record (and Reason 4 etc)  is challenging in manny respects and for me as a designer both in good and “bad” ways. the bad ways it that its a slow process to make big software projects, and sometimes important design decisions is made way before i get involved or/and is a heritage from an earlier version of the program etc. But its also a lot of good and funny things in using heritage, and to be consistent and thinking over a lot of aspects, moving a button a few pixels here and there can be the difference between good or bad, and its surprisingly how much time and effort goes in to designing transparent design, that no one sees (almost) . It just there and people only sees that its the obvious and natural way to do it… it takes good teem work to make this happen,  the product manager, the actual programmers and the designer.  Specially in project this big.

So my full respect to Propellerheads.

i must say propellerheads way biggest mistake in the making of record is the use of there new Advertising Agency there graphic design is just BAD. So don´t think i been involved in the making of logos and packing and stuff like that. i just get tired thinking about it…


One more thing…


Thor Probably the best software synt ever made.

and i promise you, i tried a lot of software, too much probably. but Thor stands out. the ting is the modulations in audio rates. that makes the all the difference. I have a Doepfer modular system witch no soft synth have come close to. you think of something and you can try it out, now thor can make it, and make realy sound good, its alive sort of, its a software modular synt, i think is way overlookt by most people. its so fast to work with and yet endless possibilities.

For creating music I love (NI) reactor and  thor, Reaktor is superb but not as a modular synth,  its more a way to make your special program things and sample manipulations where Thor is THE SYNTH.

So you better try thor out, skip the preset ( i don’t really like them ) just put in a oscillator in slot 1 noise in slot 2 am modulate the first osc with noise with the slider in the top left corner put in a multimode filter maybe modulate it by an sine wave from oscillator 3 just insert an oscilator in slot 3, select source osc 3 to dest filter1 freq… its simple, fast and very rewarding !

I hate the sequencer in thor, its usless, take it away, Pleas  :)


September 9th, 2009

Summer been long and lazy

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Progress on this site has been less then slow,
no updates at all….
and no excuses ……
But i been working a lot, both on strictly commercial projects and with some small art projects, and made some music and a couple of nice Quarts Composer Patches. My Microscope project has stalled, and yes a bit sad, but i had practical problems with finding a good place to build an do the “woodwork” and that kind of stuff. i still think i will continue with it but later right know. so for now lets get on working.