Work with wood

Trying to come up with a nice way to do woodwork live. i want to sort of “jam” ( dreadful and misused word (and what does it mean today? ))  and play stuff on my samplr. play some nobs, and so on, now working on the ide using abelton controlled by touchable maybe launchpad as well, so i can hide away the computer, and just have the ipad and controllers, hope it will be more interesting than laptop…. hmmmm we will se,  i also don’t really think it will work in concert mode, more like bar/coffeshop hangout situations. “live impro” feel.

Treats for friends

Music in the gallery

Marc Matthiesen will have an exhibition opening this week called Bitte Nicht Entsorgen.
for that one i reinterpret and reworked a short 1 min old mobilphone recording he made of Anton Bruckner, Symfoni nr6 in Berlin 2010.
streching, mirroring and transforming, all trick where used, no new notes are added just treatment of the original audiofile.
its suposed to be played at low volume to make the ambience in the room for the exibit.

Her is a link to the exhibit:

You can listen here 

All Parts Are Here!

The Woodwork parts are here – the vinyl , the prints, and the box!

It all looks fantastic (haha).  Thanks to Thomas for helping us out with the print and Gunnar at Norrmalms Kartongfabrik for the excellent box work. I recommend them highly. Now all boxes are packed and numbered, featuring a download link. Combining the new and old. Now they are just waiting for May 6 and the co-op release with the Novoton label.

HOX – In The Studio

New Album Recorded

I am happy to say that we have now finished a new Hox album. The mixes are all done. Really happy with them right now, hope it will stay that way.  It will be released on Editions Mego after the summer. We will send it off to mastering any day now and start working on the other parts. It will be both on vinyl (with download), and i actually don’t remember if it will be released on CD as well. I’ll get back on that later. The image is from the Studio in Stockholm.

First Post – Up and Runnig

First post, and the site is up and running.  Wonderful, i will do some recap posts first, i guess. What you se in the picture is actually a quite fun combo for the sofa. It’s the faderfox SC4 – Sequencer & Controller Device. A kind of controller with built in sequencer who has some conceptual features like the mythic M185 for Roland 100m and also the Thor synth for iPad. One of the top software synths if you ask me. But the iPad version need some care from Propellerheads to iron out some bugs. And if you wondering, usually the SC4 is connected to the Doepfer.