Day: April 10, 2015

  • Work with wood

    Trying to come up with a nice way to do woodwork live. i want to sort of “jam” ( dreadful and misused word (and what does it mean today? ))  and play stuff on my samplr. play some nobs, and so on, now working on the ide using abelton controlled by touchable maybe launchpad as well, so i can […]

  • Treats for friends

    Music in the gallery Marc Matthiesen will have an exhibition opening this week called Bitte Nicht Entsorgen. for that one i reinterpret and reworked a short 1 min old mobilphone recording he made of Anton Bruckner, Symfoni nr6 in Berlin 2010. streching, mirroring and transforming, all trick where used, no new notes are added just treatment of the original audiofile. its suposed […]