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  • HOX Live at MDT MEGO Stockhom


    Mor info will be added, or check Mego

  • Duke of York

    The waiting is almost over… The Duke of York is the second release from Graham and me as HOX, the last one it ness, was released 1999, so its bean quit a while sins that one, but they ar some how connected in some kind of HOX world, but i think this one is more kind […]

  • Remix

    I am now also involved in Nackareservatet. And we have done a remix for Bolywool , its turns into something  a bit like an old scool new order ich disco track. .. or not…  really Listen to it on Spotify Souncloud And also a link to the home of Bolywool 

  • Teaser

      we just have to wait until December 11   EMEGO-214

  • Soundtrack

    “The Long Journey to Nothing” is Music made For a 3D animated flight of smal satellite leaving our solar system and away… The film project stalled, not at all unusual with film things, and not the first, (or last ?) and left is 10min of sort of finished soundtrack. listen and enjoy.   Link to Soundcloud  

  • Endless Summer

    Vacation in sweden is often 5 weeks around July and as i am a Sweed i ben on vacation. its ben wonderfull, No work in the studio, No design, but offcoures some Sound recording and sketching on new tracks. So lets start work

  • Some Media

    The Album got some fine revews One on We plug good music by Matt Hobbs, with extremely detailed research, i am impressed. and another one on Peekaboo  by William Lienar with the superb advantage of also be in Dutch ( i think )   The Track  Winter Tone also appeared on :zoviet*france: transmission on Resonancefm  called  A Duck in a Tree. ‘Running with Words’ You can find some itunes […]

  • Woodwork 24 bits

    If your ears are better then mine, and really appreciate top quality sound, As we all do, here is good news for you, now you get your files in 24 bit  from my band camp page. i quote bandcamp info page here: downloads (FLAC or ALAC) will always have the same bit-depth as the originals you upload. The […]

  • HOX art workers

    A bit of exiting work done on the HOX record this week, me and Graham has been working on the artwork for the cover and we really think we got it now. its to early to show something, but i will when we are getting closer. We also got preliminary release date from Mego and its the end of september.  

  • Long lost

    Today a found it, phuuuuhh…. I tough i lost it forever, Its my passport for Konugariket Elgaland-Vargaland, its been gone for a compel of years. its issued in 95, and has already outlived the Swedish passports i been using, Thats sustainability i guess. Anyway i just had to take a picture of it, even tow it is […]

  • Just add Hardware

    As i usually must do things a bit complicated…  i started to build a little controller to the live set. hopefully it will turn out geniusly good.  long time sins a solderd last time, and it got me weary frustrated.. i thoug i totally lost it…. until i found out that it was something weird with […]

  • Work with wood

    Trying to come up with a nice way to do woodwork live. i want to sort of “jam” ( dreadful and misused word (and what does it mean today? ))  and play stuff on my samplr. play some nobs, and so on, now working on the ide using abelton controlled by touchable maybe launchpad as well, so i can […]

  • All Parts Are Here!

    The Woodwork parts are here – the vinyl , the prints, and the box! It all looks fantastic (haha).  Thanks to Thomas for helping us out with the print and Gunnar at Norrmalms Kartongfabrik for the excellent box work. I recommend them highly. Now all boxes are packed and numbered, featuring a download link. Combining the new and old. Now they […]

  • HOX – In The Studio

    New Album Recorded I am happy to say that we have now finished a new Hox album. The mixes are all done. Really happy with them right now, hope it will stay that way.  It will be released on Editions Mego after the summer. We will send it off to mastering any day now and start working on […]

  • First Post – Up and Runnig

    First post, and the site is up and running.  Wonderful, i will do some recap posts first, i guess. What you se in the picture is actually a quite fun combo for the sofa. It’s the faderfox SC4 – Sequencer & Controller Device. A kind of controller with built in sequencer who has some conceptual features […]